Kabali Vs TamilRockers, the whole story!


After all that  crazy hullabaloo surrounding Kabali’s release, the film had released and had garnered rather a mediocre call from the critics. But being a Rajnikanth’s comeback film (after two flop movies in Lingaa and Kochadaiyan), the film received extra-ordinary response at the box-office. The producer Thana, being any normal producer who battled for film’s clean release, over-exaggerated the first day collections to 250 crores. In his act could rather be termed ‘irritatingly’ intelligent, as the fact isn’t completely false either, the film did earn 250cr, ‘by’ the first day!How? Remember, the 200cr television rights distribution (gahh), so with about 50cr gross of the film in the first day, it did manage to rake up 250cr (feeling foolish!).

Tamilrockers kabali

But before the film’s release, there was an interesting battle between the Producer and the infamous Indian piracy giant, TamilRockers.  Let’s play the swear game and accept about knowing the website. The Producer Thanu, managed to get about 116 websites related to piracy, to get blocked after filing a petition in Chennai High Court. In his written petition to the High Court, he got the TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India), to ban 169 websites involved in piracy, with the claim that, that the piracy accounts to more than 70% of the film’s collections(another exaggeration).


But the TR(TamilRockers) team had other plans. In one of its many pages in FB, it directly challenged the Producer on releasing the pirated copy of the film. In its post, it pasted a 45th-minute clip , much to the Producer’s horror, and a promise to release the film copy on July 21st.

Kabali Tamilrockers

 ‘Like a boss’ Thalaiva-like literally, the TamilRockers just did it in supreme fashion, by uploading a censor board copy in a new website of its’, in HD! Boy ! That would have hurt the Producer Thana, to having filed a petition in the first place.


Not really encouraging the piracy, but when we take a scenario of increased price of tickets, by the producers of big-budget films, is actually being feast to piracy. In India, 75% people belong to poverty sector. With the tickets, being priced at Rs200 in most of the theatres(atleast in Chennai), a normal Indian, desiring to take his family of four to such film, would end up spending upto 1000 bucks for a show(too low on feasibility). And when he has on option between a Rs30 pirate CD, or Rs 1000/- theatre show, the obvious imminence of his choice is the reason for piracy. So to filter down on a whole, the producers in their quest to earn more, are creating loopholes at film gates, and that they are the real instigators of this kleptomaniac acts.



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