JNTU-Hyderabad faculty charged for not maintaining 75% attendance !


    JNTU College Professors have been charged with low attendance, the colleges affiliated to JNTU have very less attendance of Ph.D. Professors, this issue was keenly taken into observation by the JNTU senior committee and they have emailed all the professors, asking for a written explanation of less attendance. 

    Almost 1200 to 1500 professors were sent the emails who had less than 75% of attendance, from March 1st to March 27th.

    The email read, ” With the above low percentage of biometric attendance of yours we would like to know whether you are facing any problem with the biometric system at your institute or you left the institute and joined elsewhere without any information to the varsity. Please give the correct information otherwise it will be viewed very seriously.”

    Also, the JNTU Registrar Dr. N. Yadaiah had confirmed the sending of mail and said that the committee will cross check the responses, this will also affect the salaries of the professors.

    JNTU will introduce Biometric for the professors and lectures to look into the attendance. Telangana general secretary Sunil Reddy said “JNTU authorities came for inspections to grant affiliation for the 2017-18 academic year, from August. To fulfill faculty requirements, all colleges recruited new faculty members. We appeal to the varsity to monitor the data from August when the new academic year begins. Also, faculty members are yet to switch to this attendance system,” he said.