It’s A Beautiful Rainy Day!!


    Oh! Such an awesome weather it is.

    Birds chirping, snails crawling, butterflies flying, flowers blossoming, frogs breeding! 

    The smell of Potato fries n steaming tea.

    And to me is a pad and a pen!

    Dreaming and getting mesmerized by so beautiful landscape I’m questioning myself that should I paint it, sketch it, capture it or write about it???

    Rainy days gives immense pleasure and an expectation arises to be with your beloved ones.

    But lately, I realized where am I? What am I doing here? ALONE! 

    Standing alone on my balcony with that hot cup of tea making me remember those endless talks. But now they are still there with me but just as a memory.

    Running into this rat race I lost my beloved ones and their presence.

    We all dreamt of it together to achieve this level to make our future more happening. But I became so busy that I forget to hold them along in this race.

    How can I be so selfish? 

    In order to grow myself, I shouldn’t have done this to them! 

    I should have looked back once and asked them to come along or should have waited there for them to climb along.

    If things would have gone this way I would have lived this day enjoying the hot cup of tea with them! 

    But time flew so quickly that nobody got the idea to hold onto things.

    But I still believe after the dark rainy day it always shines the next day!

    And if I quit now what was I even fighting for?

    Now I should actually pick my phone and dial the first number that I saved in the name of my BESTFRIEND!!