It Was Raining and I looked out!!!


    Traffic!!!!! What we never except when we are on roads Imagine yourself stuck in it for a rainy day .

    What sort of imagination it’s who likes to get stuck in traffic on a rainy day nothing can be more irritating than that. But for a while just back on your seat and look at the drops on the window for a  while just listen to the sound of the rain they take to a different world .The world  where there  is no worry ,you have peace , you are not running. It makes you stress-free relaxed and calm.

    Look around you may find the street kids enjoying the rain getting drenched and having fun in the rain. While we trying to protect ourselves even from a single drop.That is what is missing from our lives the happiness the fun and the enjoyment. We have caught ourselves in such a competitive environment that we at cost of achieving the goals and ambition have lost small happiness. If this happiness put together sum to be more that that one big happiness we assume is everything.

    If you say you have nothing and your unhappy sitting on your car seat look at the person on two wheeler beside you from the window. If not look at the beggar on the street who doesn’t even have a shelter .

    Life is to be enjoyed lived to the fullest. Agreed everyone requires a goal and has an ambition. All that is required also to achieve and to be at the position, but not on verge of loosing the little happiness we get from small things.

    Once you reach on top you must not feel like you were so busy climbing the stairs that you ignored the smiles and laughs on way……..