Iphone 9 Rumors Are Out Already


Apple iPhone 9  To Disrupt the Mobile Market In the Fall of 2018 With New Features

Summary: iPhone 9  to redefine the mobile experience with specific features take a look at this piece to find out what would be added features of Apple iPhone 9 when it will be launched in 2018.

Iphone 9 look

Apple has never failed to surprise its users and with sole aim of bettering the stakes in the market it will soon launch an unprecedented iPhone 9+ the first of its kind without any wireless accessories. The iPhone 9+ is a splendid technological master-piece with cutting edge technology and power pact iOs 12 processor that will give a lightning speed to the phone. For all those users who have been looking forward to power-up their Apple penchant with some ground-breaking tech empowerment availed on their palm, the iPhone 9 is their probable solution.


Memory Support on Apple 9

This phone has been all powered up with a 4 GB RAM which will have an additional ROM support of 64 GB, 129 GB and 256 GB. But for those who are looking forward to better their phone purpose and have to manage multi-tasking at lightning fast speed the 9GB RAM could be the numbers to hit in terms of configuring for a better variant.

Battery Support

IPhone had a bad tryst with the power back-up support and with the release of iPhone 9 things will not change this time as well as even after shedding a lot of green bucks the users will have to remain content with 2500 mAh. But the makers have given a go ahead that running on a 3G network the phone will be able to sustain 6 hours of continuous video streaming and internet usage.

Wireless Charging

A new trend in the charging will be brought in existence with wireless charging feature provided in Apple 9. This phone would be able to detect wireless charging within the proximity of 9 meters. With such a feature users can certainly expect that their bedrooms and surroundings would not be cluttered with wires and cables.

No Home Button & Corning Gorilla Glass

For the first time in the history of the mobile technology the home button will disappear from the phone. The iPhone 9 will come with no home button and an ultra-wide screen display. In order further support the security features the phone will be equipped with finger-print and retina sensor. So far no phone makers have tried this cliché but Apple would be the first of its kind to use a fully optimized retina scanner on the Apple 9 phone.

Translucent Mode

To fabricate the ergonomics with a new style and fashion Apple iPhone 9 will come with translucent feature. In the translucent mode you can easily see through the phone and it will give an added touch of uniqueness to this phone. Followed by this it will also have water resistant and non-breakable ultra light sturdy matte finish body for sleek and sexy handling.

This phone will certainly push the expectation of the Apple users to an altogether new limit.


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