I Stood at the Gate of Pawan Kalyan House in rain and he took me in and donated 1 lakh


    As we know the program memu saitham program which is telecasted in Gemini television, in episode 13 which is located on 25th of June 2016 it was about an old age home called Jesus Old age home. There is two guest for this Anchor Suma and aunt of Rajmouli Radamma guru. These two are supporting that orphanage. 

    So, the founder of the orphanage has heard that Pawan kalian is very helpful and he will help people. So, she went to his home and stood front of his gate in rain. From the top floor wife of Pawan Kalyan has seen and told to Pawan Kalyan. He came out and asked who are you. She just replied that she is from Jesus old age home and so on. He took her to his office and asked to drink tea and eat tiffin etc. She was surprised with the behaviour Pawan Kalyan was responding. It was unexpected to her, then she told her problems of the orphanage. He donated 1 lakh to that orphanage and also given her ten thousand for her expenses. 

    This has come out because of that program. But there are a lot of situations which didn’t come out yet. This shows how much he is helpful to the people and how kind he is towards people. That’s the reason the youth of Telugu states goes crazy for him.  Pawanism has just come out because of that. 

    We just want to say few things by the article, Never leave your parents. They are the one who supports you from childhood and give you a wonderful life. Make them feel happy in their final stages. Never make them feel alone. They sacrifice a lot to give us this wonderful life. I hope even after watching this video people should understand how important are the parents are. Please do take care of them, they are your kids now never leave them in old age homes.