Hyderabad women was burnt alive in a Car Accident caused by High Tension Wire !


    Hyderabad women were burnt alive in a car accident that took place in Yacharam.

    The  32-year-old lady Chandrakala who as a private employee from Hyderabad was traveling with her family member in the car, they were traveling from Kukatpally to Takkallapally village in Ranga reddy district to visit her sister when the incident happened on road.

    While the family was traveling, a truck carrying a load of scrap was coming from the opposite direction and the car came into contact with an over high tension wire which was hanging which touched the car and ignited a fire on her car.

    Another road traveller who noticed the car in sparks when behind them to help, he opened the doors with a towel and said everyone not to touch any part of the Car, Everyone was taken out of the car safely, including Chandrakala’s husband, while the lady ChandraKala was getting out of the car she mistakenly touched the car’s handle and she got electrocuted and soon after that the car caught fire after with her.

    According to the reports that road had recently recarpeted that increased the height of the road and cable which use to be 20 foot away from the ground was 17 feet away which led the whole accident 

    “The local people are aware of the hanging electric wire at a low level which is prone to accidents. They have even complained to the Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited,” the inspector said.