Monsoons are the most preferable season all over India as rains are pleasant, calming, provides many benefits in maintaining ecosystem as well as economies of scale, directly or indirectly. As commonly said “excess of everything is bad”. The same is the situation with Hyderabad – the capital city of Telangana. Heavy and continuous rain since three days have damaged the city in many ways. Many parts of the city are submerged in water forcing disturbance in daily routine of common people.

    The employees are restrained to work from home, students are unable to go to schools leading to a great loss. Not only this, the continuous rain has become a monster as many people died due to the unstoppable bad weather. Life has been crippled in many regions of Hyderabad such as Begumpet, Nizampet, Hakimpet and Alwal.

    Water level has raised above the danger level in the Husain Sagar Lake. This has happened after 20 years that the canals have to be opened to distribute the water level into different channels to balance the water level. Many mud houses collapsed leading to destructions.

    Situation has worsened as the days passed. Army has been deployed for the safeguard of people in Hyderabad. Food packets are supplied to the people in the rain affected areas. Government is taking steps to help people who are stuck in the affected areas by providing food packets, deploying army in those areas, providing choppers to shift people from low lying areas to the safe zones.

    Weather forecast shows that the rain will continue to shower for the next couple of days. Hope the rains stop and city gets back to track.