Hussainsagar waters sizzle to Bathukamma songs!


    Hussainsagar , which used to be still , recently reflected life and color while it played a perfect venue to the floral festival , Bathukamma!

    The peripheral road along the banks of popular Hussainsagar witnessed a huge gathering of beautifully groomed women singing their traditional Telangana songs.

    Braving mild rains in the city , women devotees started assembling at the so called Bathukamma Ghat and other places like Tank Bund and NTR Marg right from dusk.

    On the final day of this auspicious festival , one got to see the “Bathukammas” of various sizes , colors , shapes while they were making their way into the lake.

    D. Shravani , a 28 year old home maker from Safilguda , shares “I celebrate this festival outside my house but this time dancing around Bathukamma on Tank Bund has its own charm. It is a more than a custom for most of the women in the city , as it is now a social event or gathering where we meet acquaintances or learn a quirky new step from strangers”.

    All thanks goes to the State Administration who has taken all the necessary steps and arrangements , which also won a lot of praise from the public for the smooth conduction of the festival.

    On the final day , we could see foreigners and women hailing from different religions dancing around Bathukammas in circles at various places , the special boats in Hussainsagar and decorated areas provided the festive ambience!

    The fire cracker show began by around 7:30pm which was the main highlight of the day , plus a number of cultural programs organised by the State Government kept everyone on their toes.

    Hence , the festival concluded with a grand evening with women dancing flawlessly around their Bathukammas , it is certainly a festival to remember!