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    Half Girlfriend Movie Review and Rating 

    Half GirlFriend, the movie is finally out on big screens, the movie has Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the leading roles as half girlfriend and half boyfriend, well let’s not dig into the concept, but the question is why Arjun Kapoor is only priority for Chetan Bhagat movies?

    The movie directed by Mohit Suri, Arjun Kapor who plays the role of a Bihari guy Madhav ja who comes from a traditional Hindi medium strict family and another side, Shraddha Kapoor as Riya Somani comes from a  Rich family of High Society from Delhi, Riya is   gorgeous, wealthy and has a good voice, dreams to be a singer.

    Half Girlfriend Movie Review 

    While Madhav comes to Delhi to Study at St Stephen’s and gets admission in the college as he will be a basketball champion and meets riya while she plays basketball, and then the boy gets down to his business, his only business is to obey the rules of his Half GirlFriend.

    Madhav and Riya jump into a relationship without commitments which seems easy at first but gets shitty later, the movie shows nothing but a new take on friendzoneship with tagline ” Dost se thoda Zyada Girlfriend se thoda Kam ” 

    The movie has nothing interesting, the only thing that keeps you involves is the music, which is, of course, the big part of movie’s success and the humming of Phir bhi Tumko Chahungaa gives an little relief, while for the people who have already read the Chetan bhagat Series of Half Girlfriend must know that you might get some mini heart attacks by the story line, which does not seem to be similar as the novel at times, ps. Director Mohit Suri.

    The Actors have done a good job, Shraddha has given some good hard work for her songs and English accent, while Arjun seems to be irritating at times when he acts dumb AF. The only thing that keeps the story alive is Music.

    Half Girlfriend Movie Rating:2/5