Gift yourself something long lasting!!!


    The season of love, gifts, cakes, wishes, and carols has arrived; the markets are flooded with Christmas trees, decorations, creatively packed gifts and new arrivals of food items but only for those who have enough bucks to spend on these luxuries. The day was never more special than a normal monotonous day for the children in foster homes, orphanages and homes for challenged kids.

    We spend thousands of rupees on this day to feed ourselves with delicacies, to wear designer clothes, to gift ourselves and our loved ones expensive gifts and these things do give us some sense of happiness. How about treating ourselves this Christmas with a sense of accomplishment, never fading happiness and most importantly contentment??

    Going back to the teachings of Jesus it says that reach out to those in trouble and distress because there are plenty of hearts to gladden, deeds to be done, kind words to say and souls to be saved. Therefore pause the prodigal in us for a moment and introspect that what’s wrong if we reach out to needier and share the loaf of bread, say some kind and comforting words to them. Let’s transfer the token of love, affection, and sympathy to those devoid of it by doing anything that we think can make other happy by:-

    • Inviting our housemaid and her family on lunch/dinner
    • Visiting foster homes, orphanages, and homes of challenged kids and treat them with good foods, clothes, books but above all interact with them to know about their lives and ask them their fun moments.
    •  Gifting the hawkers and peddler selling vegetables and fruits outside your home and witnessing the smile that flashes on the face.

    (There is no harm in clicking selfies with them, but not for the purpose of uploading on Facebook, twitter but for our own good so that it can remind us of  what next has to be done)

    Surely all these things will give us that satisfaction, contentment, and will make us more sensitive and open-armed so that we can share and spread the warmth of our affection as the festival is not just about opening gifts but more about opening our hearts.

    Let’s vow on this Christmas to pay love, reverence to Jesus, one another and ourselves by helping the needy to keep the spirit of Xmas alive.