Finally! A cancer treatment found! Which won’t kill the healthy cells!


    Patients being suffered by this deadly disease with no cure as in the recent past has made the count increased to around 7 Lakhs in India and still counting.

    The registered number has reached more than 7 Lakhs now , but they are still more number of people who are affected by it yet have no knowledge that they have been fallen into its trap.

    Chemotherapy , the option or better say as the alternative provided by numerous doctors to the cancer patients is a very painful treatment or process to go through as it not only tests once patience but also once willingless of not letting life get slipped away from their hands.

    The treatment as doctors say is “About a radiation that kills all the cancer cells effectively but with the boon , the bane is that it kills all the healthy and normal cells as well , which might be required for the proper functioning of body after fighting with Cancer”.

    So that would lead to weakness and sometimes the pain grows so much that would not be bearable.

    In last 2 months , the team of doctors in the Duke University of the United States have come up with a solution for it.

    Still their final verdict has to be declared , yet the process is going on successfully , and it is said to be economic and cheap , so the cancer patients would happily opt for this treatment and forget about chemotherapy forever!

    They have finally came up with the treatment of healing the patients by killing the cancerous cells and protecting the healthy normal cells of the body. And if it is success , then eureka! They have found a remedy for a life threatening disease!

    Scientists has developed an anti body which will target only the cancerous cells and make the immune system fight against it while not even touching the healthy cells of the body.

    So the treatment goes as with the white blood cells been extracted from the patient’s body and that would be strong enough to kill the tumors and that has been carried on mice.