Every possible reason I have for hating Pyaar ka Punchanama!


    Before you go all criticising me for being a snob or too emotional, let me make a small disclaimer here – I am not someone who can’t enjoy a little leg pulling or sarcasm but this series was a rare example of sexism at it very best.

    It starts off with the typical happy life of 3 barely clothed young men who are believed to have ruined their life post making a girlfriend or falling for a girl. What angers me the most is the generalisation of the females that has been portrayed in this movie. And not only me but most of the girls who saw it felt pretty disgusted with the same. 

    The same old shenanigans of women running after money, treating their better halves as chauffeurs, using tears as an emotional torture, etc have been eluded to next level in the two movies. Also the situations have been over exaggerated for the females at times. I mean who on earth keep tracks of the different shades of pink today? Or forces their partners to choose friends, job or family over them? Get a life people because surprise surprise! No one does that! 

    Let me say this again, I am not someone who gets easily offended and honestly I wasn’t post the first part release but the second one did the job of hammering the nail to the wall. Right on! And then people complain about women being too much of a feminist or being too sensitive in general. Let me tell you this for first and last time guys, not  every girl in this whole world is thirsty for your money or credit card. The right kind of girls will be dying for your attention and time.