Deadliest bombing in Turkey , ‘teen suicide bomber’ turns a wedding into mourning!


    A painful situation struck the family at Turkey who were happily participating in the wedding ceremony of their respective children.

    But who knew that a teenager would turn into ‘the angel of death’ for them and would bomb the whole wedding area!

    That attack killed almost 51 people and left 61 painfully injured!!

    He was not an innocent child , he was a heartless suicide bomber aged between 12 – 14 years who disrupted this auspicious occasion inn the Southeastern city of Turkey , Gaziantep.

    Out of those 61 injured people , 12 are ‘heavily’ wounded.

    The whole incident took place when a group of joyous people were dancing on a street of Gaziantep , some 25 miles away from the border of Syria.

    President Tayyip Erdogan quips “It is probably the Islamic State who has carried this late night attack!”

    He also adds “It is the deadliest bombing , the country faces threats from militants at home and even from Syria!”

    Saturday’s wedding party was for a member of Pro’ Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party and the groom has been purposedly injured while the bride escaped unhurt!

    Getting statements from the lucky survivors who witnessed this heinous crime says “The party was about to end , suddenly we witness a huge explosion before us , before the people who were dancing just few moments ago!”

    “There was just blood and body parts lying around us” he continues.

    One of the survivors Ibrahim Ozdemir said , “We want to end these massacres , we are all scared , especially the women and children!”

    We pray that the injured gets the speediest recovery and the guilty to be caught!