Daniel Brian, Kevin Owens Shoot on Brock Lesnar, Renee Young is Upset


SmackDown Live has changed a lot ever since the brand split taken place. Mr.Mcmahon has been upset over a lot of things but McMahons are not the only who are upset. The WWE Smackdown talking smack host Renee Young is upset because of the Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens is not happy with the fact that Shane & Daniel has allowed for an open United States Championship title on the line because John Cena made his debut because of the US open challenge against Kurt Angle. The US champ Kevin Owens is a little mad after he got embarrassed by the Aj Styles during a backstage segment.

Renee Young, as always try to cheer everyone during Kevin Owens moments but he rudely said, “Don’t you point at me for an approval and I do not need your approval for anything ever”, which legit made her upset.

After few moments, you can watch that the Kevin Ownes has said “Why everything starts with Battle?”, while Daniel said, “It’s better than the Great Balls of Fire“, which happen to be the WWE RAW – PayPerView. Which explains the integrity between the Shane, Stephanie, and Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Brian, Kevin Owens Shoot on Brock Lesnar

Oh boy, here comes the moment of the truth, where Daniel has asked Kevin Owens that “Do you like being a USA Champion or the Universe (WWE Universal Champion)?” and Kevin replied “Obviously, Universe champion”, which is hard to digest for SmackDown management.

The references made during the Talking Smack were more than just inner war. The Universal champion Brock Lesnar, who hasn’t put up one fight since Wrestlemania is kind of a horrible idea.

Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens have said that “I made that Championship Title shine every week, but now, where is the champion?” Daniel said, “Hmmm”.

It sad to see a Full-time loses to a part-timer, who shows up twice a month, and competes in one fight in three months.

At Great balls of fire, Brock Lesnar is going to face Samoa Joe for the WWE Universal Championship but most likely Samoa Joe going to lose the match, which is why the WWE is making him look strong against Brock Lesnar during weekly RAW.

It’s inevitable that Brock Lesnar is going to beat Samoa Joe, and he will vanish from the WWE TV for few more months just like Kevin Owen and Daniel said.


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