Can River Ganga be Cleaned?


    “Ganga Tera Pani Amrit”, This used to be the scenario of every Indian for the worshipped river which is so important for the northern plains and the people connected. The river Ganga is a lifeline for many. It is the source of energy and a lot of potentials which we extract out of it. The river is a gift, a blessing and most importantly it’s the source of existence for all and especially the areas near it. We still worship the river, we come and put offerings and rituals are carried but after that, we forget the importance. We reach to the river with respect and worship and we forget afterwards the responsibility to take care of the river and the ecosystem.

    It’s a boon to live near the river, Cities are beautiful along the river, Lot of attractions and opportunities a river brings along but  the existence of above all remains until the time we have the river. We humans have become a parasite and river being our host we are slowly making it die. River Ganga is worshipped throughout the country and abroad too. Millions come to carry the last rituals and pray for the good being. what if this river Ganga vanishes one day. ” Sare paap kaha Saaf honge tab”, where will we clean our wrong deeds? What will happen to the abundance of water in the cities near river Ganga. There won’t be a river to offer prayers and take the benefits if we carry on to exploit and pollute on this scale. We blame the government, local authorities and municipal bodies to be responsible for all this and we condemn them for not doing their work properly. Let’s say whatever these authorities are doing or not doing let it be aside, what about us? As an individual what effort do we put to keep the river clean? The majority of us wait for others to take initiative or charge to clean but this care of river begins from within. We have to be responsible to not to litter and stop people from doing so. We should reform the habit of throwing polyethene in the river which contains spiritual material. Use of soaps and detergents should be stopped. Consumables should not be just thrown away into the river. Overall if we want then we can. We have to aspire and achieve then inspire and attain the CLEAN GANGA, MY GANGA tag. Self Realisation is key requirement to see Mother Ganga in best conditions.