Bengaluru Molestation : 4 Arrested One among them is a student !


    Four people are arrested by Bengaluru police on the charge of Bengaluru molestation case in the Kammanahalli region of the city where a woman was groped and assaulted by two men on January 1.

    One of the accused, the main attacker who groped and pushed the woman, is identified as Leno who is a B.Com student and resides in the same locality. He had been stalking the woman for a while. The other one who waited on scooter was Ayyappa. While the other two arrested on the same charge are identified as Raju and Chinnu. All the four accused had been stalking the woman and her friend. All the accused reside in Eastern Bengaluru.

    According to the police, two of them were working as part-time delivery boys for a restaurant which the woman used to visit frequently. When the woman ordered food online, the accused used to deliver the food to the victim’s home, investigations revealed.

    A college student Ayappa, the main culprit behind molesting the Bengaluru woman, has been arrested.@Ndtv

    One of the accused is a goods van driver.

    Both were stalking her continuously for the last one week and followed her while she was returning to home after having dinner at the same hotel on January 1.

    The victim is a student hailing from the Northeast. As per the sources, she has given her statement but not lodged a complaint with the police. 

    The incident occurred after the mass molestation on the MG road took place on the New Year eve.

    The incident was recorded on a CCTV camera at a house which was handled to the police by a resident. According to he police, more could be arrested in the case.