ATM’s will Remain closed for 2 to 3 days in Hyderabad, WannaCry Cyber Attack effect !


    Hyderabad ATM’s will be closed for two days due to cyber threat hit the across the world, WannaCry Ransomware malware that which has affected 150 countries and some parts of India are also on the list.

    The Banks and ATM’s are being shut down as a part o f revolutionary measures to prevent the attack.

    The Malware WannaCry Ransomware 2.0 effects the computers that operate under Windows 7, XP and all the outdatedĀ Microsoft software have been a prey to the malware, however, the banks and ATM’s in the city and the country function with the outdated software and could be hacked easily.

    Around 2.2 lakh ATM’s in India, running many of the runnings on the older version of Windows.

    The ATM’s in the City Hyderabad and Secundrabad have been shut down due to the threat of this malware, as a result, many complaints were logged in but the issue wasn’t taken seriously by any bank. The Local people showing their frustration on Social media, people are refraining from using ATM cards and Online Transactions.

    People in the city remain in the situation of panic, and reports say that the ATM’s will be closed for another 2 to 3 days for the banks to create a safe platform for the users.

    The Malware has affected IT and the Government sector in some regions. In a separate malware attack last year, 3.2 lakh debit cards were compromised in the country. Data of the users who transacted from ATM machines of Hitachi were compromised during three months of May, June, and July last year. The Hitachi ATMs deployed by many White Label ATM players and Yes Bank were impacted by the malware, says HT