Are sports only meant for men?


    Sports are the activities that requires physical skills and team spirit. There are different kinds of sports that are played differently. Some are played individually and some in teams. Different games involve some specific number of players. Sports have become a recognized field nowadays. Many people aim to make career in this field. Sports not only helps in physical fitness of a person but also leads to the improvement of intellectual skills in a person. People who make career in sports are famous as well as earn their living from it. They feel proud when they play and represent their nation in a game and moreover when they win the game.

    Sports are meant for both males and females, but, are they really? Males are dominant in sports as well. It can be commonly seen that males are more recognized in the field of sports may it be cricket, football, volleyball etc. There are girl’s teams for many sports but they are not very popular as males. People still have a mindset that men are better at sports than woman. Many people are not even aware about the girl’s teams for different sports. People watch the matches of the recognized male players and not of the female sports team.

    I realized the fact when I had an argument with my younger brother about the topic. We ended up concluding when I asked him to mention 10 female national cricket players and 10 male cricket players. He could name more than 10 male players whereas he didn’t even know one female cricket player. This is not only in case of my brother, even I and many of you may not know female players. There have been instances when female players brought honor to the country and made the nation feel proud.   

    Sportswomen such as Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu etc have proved the world wrong that men are better in sports than women. We must appreciate the efforts of a sportsperson whether it’s a male or a female.