Apple puts Terms & Conditions To Manufacture iPhones In India !


    The day is not far when the famous Apple iPhones will be manufactured in India itself ! But for Apple to agree to it , the technology giant has dished out certain ‘terms & conditions’ that are needed to looked upon by the Government of India in order to have the iPhone manufacturing privilege.

    So the condition by the Apple Inc. is that it wants the government to relax the labelling rules so that the company does not have to print the product related information directly onto its devices which will avoid cluttering up the minimalist design.

    This is one of the concessions that Apple has sought after it showed its intention to start its manufacturing plant for iPhone in India. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has forwarded this request of the iPhone makers to the Department of Revenue and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeITY) the last month for consideration.

    Apple Inc. manufactures its products in around 6 countries , with most being in India’s neighbour China. Apple’s distinctive design is the USP of the iPhone which gives it a universal product appeal and also tries to keep its surfaces free of artefacts as much as possible.

    Now the company Apple Inc. wants to provide their product details that will be required by the law in India as wholesome part of software of the device or as on the packaging. So this labelling issue will be dealt with the DeITY.

    The next term and condition by the Apple Inc. is that it has also sought tax incentives which are being examined by the Finance Ministry of India. Currently , the Government of India provides subsidies for the investments in some special economic zones in order to woo its investors. But Apple Inc. did not respond to these queries till now.

    Finance Ministry of India had earlier rejected proposal by Apple Inc. to st up a wholly owned outlets in India and also sought exemption from the mandatory 30 % local sourcing norm. It sought this exemption based on the grounds of ‘cutting edge technology’ and ‘state of the art’ ,w hich makes it difficult to meet the sourcing condition/

    Even when Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India , he had said , “India is the next big potential market”. Not only this , PM Narendra Modi had also urged Tim Cook to set up Apple’s factories to make its products in India.