Adivasi’s old tradition : Dance to win a girl’s heart performed at Adilabad!


    This fairy affair happened in Adilabad , where in potential Adivasi bachelors danced around to win the heart of the lady they love.

    Well , it is not new , it is a widely followed old aged custom by the Adivasis which provides them total freedom to select their life partners just by grooving around and showing their dancing skills in public.

    This festival is called as “Dandari – Ghusadi” dance festival which ends on Diwali , which serves as an opportunity to all the Adivasis Bachelors to find their potential mate to spend their entire life with.

    There were around 100 bachelors in the Agency Villages of Adilabad , who were showcasing their talents to attract a girl and win their heart and finally this extravaganza affair ends with the couple getting married to each other.

    There were two tribes who took part in this festival which ends before Diwali , namely Raj Gond and Kolam Tribes , who were part of Dandari Troupe and they visited villages after villages to get the girl of their choice.

    One of them said “Girls watch our performance for one whole night before deciding the other day , in whom she has an interest in. So by this the girls and the boys of our tribe gets an opportunity to set eyes on each other during this dance of the Dandari.”

    He continues , “If possible ,we also get a chance to interact with each other a little before mutually deciding and agreeing to spend life together and then after all this we inform our respective parents about our choice of life partner and then there will be an interaction between our families to go ahead with the next step.”

    “The wedding takes place during March to May only , so as per our traditions , we youngsters enjoy a lot of liberty and it is very rare to see selections made by us get cancelled during Dandari – Ghusadi. But nowadays , our Raj Gond elders are insisting us to be educated , so that the couple could survive” he signs off.