A temple run by the Indian Army , is a destination spot throughout this season!


    October , not being a peak season for any tourism but there is a destination spot which is creating a lot of buzz drawing scores of spectators and visitors reaching the temple which does not mind touching the clouds!

    A temple in Gangtok , which is called as “Hanuman Tok” is a one stop destination to the believers and followers of all the religions , and also for those who wants to have a mesmerizing 360 degree view of the Himalayas from the temple which is actually situated in the clouds.

    And to much of a surprise , the temple oftenly run by the “Priests” are none other than our Indian Army who has yet proved that “Duty above Faith” philosophy and whenever a visitor enters a temple with a full faith , he or she is greeted by the priests wearing an Army Uniform , which is in itself an honour to visit the temple.

    This temple called “Hanuman Tok” is situated at a height of 7,200 feet and has a North Eastern flavour to its architecture on the outskirts of the city offering an astounding panoramic views of the Kanchenjunga , which is the world’s third highest mountain.

    Well it is not a surprise , if you encounter a “Christian Priest” in the temple and in fact a person like such was on duty a few days ago , greeting visitors with “Tilak” and distributing sweets called “Prasad” in the Sanctum Santorum. There was also a Muslim Soldier who did this work in the past , after all they all believe in “Nationalism above Religion”.

    Uniformed Priests greet all those who are on the trek and also guide them around the temple and offering them the holy water and other precious things which would be given only at the temple.

    If to be believed , one of the Uniformed Priests at the temple said “Hanuman Tok has been with the Indian Army for decades and it houses a red idol of a deity and this was a divine dream of an Indian Political Officer , Appaji Pant.”

    He also said “Lord Hanuman rested at this spot while taking the Sanjeevani – the life saving herb from the Himalayas to the Lanka to save Lord Ram’s brother Lakshman. And hence from there on , the temple has been a place to visit!”

    Other than this , the scenic beauty is the another reason behind the attraction of innumerous tourists to have this spot in their bucket list , and if visited on a clear sunny day , the Kanchenjunga is actually visible and a lot of other people from different faiths does not mind to take a dip in the holy water and other prestigious offerings.