A first of its kind of Vehicle in India – Forensic Corpse Carrier


    Every time when a murder is committed under broad day light or there is a sudden collapse of an ill patient , it becomes very difficult for the City Police to transfer the body from the crime scene to the Government Hospital Mortuaries.

    They have to find a private transport or a citizen’s means of transportation , both of which is suitably not a right option. To avoid such a dilemma and to overcome situations like this in the near future , the Hyderabad City Police  have devised a way to shift the dead bodies to the mortuaries in a  very scientific manner.

    For this , the Hyderabad Police launched a “Forensic Corpse Carrier” , a vehicle which is fitted with stretchers , body covers , even with surgical gloves , caps , masks along with gauge cloth , cotton , disinfectant , betadine antiseptic cream with a torch and other necessary items required to handle those bodies.

    “This new vehicle is the first of its kind in India . As it is very challenging for investigating officers to shift corpses to near by mortuaries” says M, Mahender Reddy , Commissioner , Hyderabad Police.

    “To do so  we have a scientific manner which will be convenient to us as well as the citizens and will carry the dead bodies with dignity” adds the Commissioner.

    Right now the vehicles are stationed at the Traffic Complex and would be sent to the crime site and corpse would be carried to the autopsy centre only when the concerned Investigation Officers requests so.

    “We are also training Morticians who will handle these bodies , so that there is no inconveniency and there will be smooth functioning of this process in the future as well” , signs off the Commissioner Police Of Hyderabad.