3000 years old Statue of Egyptian Pharaoh discovered in the slums of Egypt !


Percy Bysshe Shelly’s sonnet ‘Ozymandias’ which talks about the remains of a great Egyptian king in the shores of the desert and highlights his journey from a proud king to a mere broken statue may just have attained a certain level of significance in today’s world. A massive statue of the pharaoh known as king Ramses was discovered, submerged under water in the Cairo working class area. While the exact length of the statue is yet to be determined, some archaeologists estimated it to be about be about 8 metres long.

It’s head was lifted by a massive forklift under the watchful eyes of the archaeologists and local residents alike. The antiquities minister of Egypt was quoted saying ” We found the bust of the statue and the lower part of the head and now we removed the head and found the crown and the right ear and a fragment of the right eye.”

The discovery of the statue was made near the ruins of King Ramses temple in the ancient city of Heliopolis, now in eastern Cairo. Heliopolis was the name of the Egyptian sun god, located in ancient Egypt had one of the largest temples in Egypt but was left in utter shambles during the Greco Roman times.

King Ramses was one of the greatest ever rulers(pharaohs) to rule over ancient Egypt. He ruled for a period of 66 years from 1279 BC to 1213 BC and led several military expeditions to various parts of Africa. His legacy continued to live on well after his time and he was known as one the greatest, if not the greatest pharaoh to have ever lived.

The statue attracted a lot of people to the excavation sites to admire this wondrous figure and many people,both kids and adults were seen clicking pictures in front of the remains of the statue.


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