20 Badly Timed Photos of Celebrities which will make you laugh Crazily


    They may always be in the limelight. They may be used to the millions of cameras around them but they too have their photo faux-pas moments. After all, they’re humans. And of course, bad timing for them, excellent timing for us.
    Check out these photos in which our favourite celebrities were caught at their candid best. After all, jahan teri yeh nazar hai, meri jaan humein khabar hai!

    1. Yo brother, behold that ass!

    2. That’s probably some yoga asana Amar Singh is showing.
    3. Mrs. Sushma Swaraj showing how it’s done.
    4. Ajay Devgan making most of the opportunity. 
    5. So that’s why Jennifer Aniston had so many ‘Friends’.
    6. Please aaj nahin nahaoonga! Bahut thandi hai aaj!
    7.Mummy ne kaha tha time se so jaana.
    8. BadASS detected.
    9. Mr. Manmohan Singh experiencing the Axe effect.
    10. Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan.

    11. The royal touch.

    12. Kamal Khan doing what he does best.

    13. Such face. Much constipation.

    14. Mr. Perfectionist searching for perfection.

    15. Chup chup ke khujli karne waalon, janta maaf nahin karegi.

    16. Because I’m Batman.

    17. It’s cool that Big B and Jaya Bachchan are kissing. But who’s that guy in the middle?

    18. Bradley Cooper checking out silver linings of Jennifer’s playbook.

    19. But he sure wants to do the waltz with Mrs. Swaraj.

    20. I don’t think Michelle would’ve liked that very much.

    21. Not sure if Modi ji wants to eat that.

    22. Just Ellen, checking out Katy ke Perry(s).

    We know being a public figure is a full time job. You have our sympathies. And also, our laughs.