15 Facts about women on International Women’s Day 2017 !


    Womanhood around the world is celebrated on women’s Day i.e, march 8th, Here is the better way to celebrate it by having the knowledge about women, irrespective of all the stereotypes women have all these things in common! Here are the facts by Fastslides

    Fact 1: Only Women have the power to give Birth, but 

    Fact 2:  This is hurting!

    Fact 3:  The one about Heartbeat!

    Fact 4: Poor men speak only 7000 words a day!

    Fact 5: Every Successful Rich man, has a woman to inherit it !

    Fact 6: Decisions! Decisions ! Decisions !

    Fact 7: Women are more sensitive than women.

    Fact 8: LIE 

    Fact 9: pink, rose pink, blush pink, salmon pink, magenta pink, and so on….

    Fact 10: Russia is the noisiest country

    Fact 11: Men may feel jealous about it 

    Fact 12: Unbelievable

    Fact 13: Undoubtedly !

    Fact 14: wonder why? 

    Fact 15: Get a Perfect Bra !