13-year-old girl who begged her dad for money to treat cancer Dies, Heart Breaking Video !


    Nothing is more heartbreaking than this news and this video, A 13-year-old girl, a cancer patient was abandoned by her father. How can a father let his own daughter suffer to death, this video of a 13-year-old daughter appealing to her father to save her from death and cancer will break your heart, in the video the girl asks her father to arrange money for her treatment else she would die, She cries with pain and tells him ” I want to complete my 10th Class exams”

    However, the video didn’t effect her father and she died on May 14th after several months of Acute myeloid which is a type of blood cancer. 

    Sai Sri 13 years old girl from Vijaywada was suffering from blood cancer for several months and was not treated as her dad was willing to spend money for his daughter’s treatment.

    The Girls Mother Suma, Spoke to The news minute about her daughter’s death and said ” “How can anyone be so heartless? He let my daughter die even though he could have stopped it.”

    While the reason he didn’t save the girl from dying was because he wanted to owe the residence which was in the name of the girl Sri, after the death of the girl the residence would be his Suma claimed.

    What was the Reason?

    The Girl’s dad Shiva Kumar who would once immensely pour love to the girl her but when she needed him the most he left her to die, Shiva and Suma were divorced in 2015 and Suma was staying with another partner Krishan Kumar, they both stay in Hyderabad.

    Sri had her first diagnosed done in 2016, when she fainted due to fever and at that time her dad Shiva Kumar visited her and took care of her, he spent 2lakh rupees on her treatment and flew to Bangalore to deposit another 3lakh for her treatment. But after this Shivakumar was missing he did not enquire about her daughter nor spoke to anyone.

    “He has an advocate friend called Seshagiri Rao. He is a retired police officer. He spoke to me when Sai was still in the hospital and asked me to send all medical records because his daughter was a doctor. I sent everything to Shiva Kumar on WhatsApp. After that, Rao told Shivakumar to stop helping my daughter,” Suma alleges.

    Suma claims Rao said  Shivakumar that he would get all property of Sri if she dies as he was the guardian also all the properties, Suma says she sold all her property for the treatment and cured her and  by Jan 2017  doctors said that Sri was almost cured but they said that if she didn’t get it again in 5 6 years they would be no problem in future.

    They had to arrange 40,000 to 50,000 every month for medicines for 5 -6 years, and Suma and her daughter went to Bengaluru to live with her husband Shiva, but Sri was not happy with her father and his treatment  towards her, she was mentally stressed she said she wanted to return and they came back to Vijayawada.

    The Next day, She had a high fever and they took her to the hospital, doctors said that cancer has reoccurred and they need to treat it by chemotherapy and bone marrow that caused 35 lakh rupees.

    Suma had no money for her treatment and he asked Shivakumar for money and save her daughters life which he did not do and the 13 years old lost her life.

    The Girls mother Suma says that She will not be quite till she gets justice, She filed a complaint in the Vijayawada police station, 

    “The police should file a case against him, arrest him and take him to court. Only then, will justice be served,” she adds.