Two Telugu Students died in America


    Telugu Students who went to the USA for higher education has ended up with two different incidents. As it is a weekend they have gone out for a trip with their friends to enjoy the weekend. But unknowingly this has happened and made two families into worst situation. 

    One of the two persons is Sri Datha who have been to the US for 4 years. After his MS he got a job near horizon and he also used to stay in the same place. As its weekend, he went out with friends to see a waterfall. Unfortunately, he has fallen into the water and left his life. His family will be staying in vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad where his mom is a govt employee in forest department and father a private employee. Their native place is Anant Harpur. The body will reach Hyderabad in 4 days.

    Another person is Putta Naresh who is studying in California has gone out for boating on the Livermore river. But he went missing after sometime. The officials at that place have searched for the person. According to the family, the police have found the body on Monday night . From the time they got to know that their child is missing they were hoping for the best that he will return back. But after knowing this news, their situation is very bad at present. He belongs to bhandi palem village, jaghaya peta region which is in Krishna District. Kesineni Nani who is the local MLA also talking to the authorities to fasten the process and body will be reaching India in three to four days.