Twist in Delivery of Freedom 251 Cheapest Smart Phone and New Delivery Date announced


    Cheapest Smartphone of India Freedom 251 created a massive hype a few months back and the delivery date was decided that its June 30 but later part due to a high demand of the smartphones freedom251 the company Ringing Bells which is from Noida has announced some expected twists. Initially, they tried to make this issue very clear and they tried to make people believe that they are going to deliver the smartphones in coming months. 


    Now the Latest date has announced for the smartphone delivery of the Freedom 251 has changed by the company ringing bells and they have announced that they will start the delivery from July 6 and they also created a twist as they the production is less than the number of the order which they got.  They received  3.7 crore orders and the products are just 40 lakh units, So now they are going to take a lucky draw internally for each district and distribute the phones. So, you should be lucky to get the smartphones.

    The Company Ringing Bells has projected this product as a part of Make In India program which as introduced by PM of India. As this issue has gone to the next level they stated that they are trying for an appointment of the PM and they will be explaining the complete thing clearly.

    There no tracking system for Freedom 251 Delivery. You need to just wait until you get it. So keep fingers crossed and wait for the phone and test your luck. Share this with your friends who are waiting for the phone and help them in knowing the facts.