Travel for Life!!!


    There are some journeys that you wait for your life to happen. You always plan to travel and visit some places in life. If I may say I want to go for a world trip that must include some places like The Himalayas, The Eiffel tower in Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Las Vegas and many more places. Travelling gives me the feeling of being alive, being independent, being happy and most importantly it gives me the peace of mind. 

    Travelling to some new places not only help you in experiencing new adventures in the world but also make us meet new people, experience new cultures and customs, learning different languages, going through various specialities of different places. The best thing about travelling is your companions that meet you on the way or join you from the beginning. 

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    Companions play a major role in making any journey or travelling experience worth memorable. It is not necessary that only if you travel to a famous place or a good place then only you will be happy, rather happiness comes with the journey and not the destination. You may visit a small village with your friends and still be happier than going alone to London. Travelling is an experience, an adventure. I love every small thing about travelling.

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     If calculating I would say noticing the trees going back while on drive, listening to the music of my choice, munching regular snacks, talking about old times with companions, etc. All these little things create unforgettable memories that are stored in some unforgettable corners of our mind. And after some time we tend to relive those memories whenever think about them or see anything related to such travel experiences.