Top Adventurous Destinations of the World !


    Are you bored of family vacations and desperately in need of an adrenaline rush? if yes, then these 8 places are just what you need to satisfy the adventure junkie in you.

    1)    Israel


    This beautiful has been the place of pilgrimage for nearly a millennia but in the recent years adventure travellers are also making the pilgrimage. There has been a steady decline in the religious tourism and a rise in general tourism. Israel offers thrill-seekers everything from surfing and spelunking to paragliding and parkour, in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. This tiny country has so many natural sites for every type of extreme sport.


    2)    Slovakia


    The other half of the former Czechoslovakia, Slovakia scores high in tourism infrastructure, health and hygiene. Outdoor adventurous activities in Slovakia include skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking. A trek to slovakia’s tatra mountain peaks presents tough challenges to travellers. Overall,  this destination will be pleasing to any adventure lover out there.


    3)    Chile


    Whether you are planning a vacation to indulge an outdoor hobby that you are passionate about or you are looking for something new to try, chile is the perfect adventure playground for outdoor sports fans. Its impressive natural landscape includes the highest volcano in the world, the longest mountain range in the world and the deepest fjord in the whole of the southern hemisphere. When in chile, you can go kayaking in Patagonia, you can go snowboarding and skiing down the side of a snow covered volcano. I’m sure nothing beats that!!


    4)    Czech republic


    The capital city of Czech republic , prague, has become an ‘it’ city and is famous for its downhill and cross-country skiing and its nature reserves. you can also go hiking in Liberec, which is surrounded by mountains and go for winter sports in pec pod snezkou. Set out for a wander along the elbe, along the ohre on foot, by bike or on the deck of a pleasure cruiser on the bata canal, take a trip on rafts along the Morava river and be enticed by the peaks of krkonose mountains.


    5)    Bulgaria


    This little country is famous for its winter skiing and summers on the black sea draw tourism from all over. The mountain terrain is great for hiking and climbing . Bulgaria is also host to a 1,200 km endurance bike race through the mountains. If this does not tickle your adventure buds, then i don’t know what will!


    6)    Slovenia


    Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, this nation is jusT over 2 million stretches from the alps to the Mediterranean, Italy to crotia. This central European country packs an adventure sports punch much greater than its diminutive size would suggest. The north of the country is dominated by towering mountains which presents lots of challenges for hikers and skiers. In the west are the pure alpine streams which become white water rapids as they descend into the valley, perfect for some rafting if you love the outdoors, it’s time you got acquainted with europe’s adventure playground.


    7)    Romania


    Tourism in Romania is breathing life and cash into its stumbling economy. Visitors come for camping and hiking in the Carpathian mountains, to explore the painted monasteries of northern Moldavia and to experience medieval cities surrounded by traditional villages. the variety of terrain in Romania, from mountainous to gentle, offers something for every hiker regardless of skill or level.


    8)    Latvia


    The last one on the list, Latvia happens to be another place where you can test your endurance and skills. Take advantage of the various active recreation options which include hiking and trekking. also, even though latvia is not a land of mountains, skiing is a popular wintertime activity. It’s terrain is popular for cross country skiing.

    So there it is.  These beautiful places are perfect for you to unhinge yourself and let out your wild side.