They love you the most!!!!


    Parents !!!! The one who gave you this amazing life.

    But as we grow we forget their importance in our life .That shadow of which we enjoyed the shade and were protected from the harsh rays of the world is no more wanted by us ,We feel that it’s a burden for us.
     Just sit for a while and think about them and understand them .
    You realize how wrong you are how bad you feel when some say your care is interference.
    Think about it when you don’t value a person to whom you’re their world it hurts guys it really does.
    It’s not about how you look ,behave ,do anything they are the one’s who don’t judge you accept you as you are who you are ,believe in you ,the first hand to lift you when you fall, the one who think about you before them , to them if you are happy that it the motive of their life is accomplished.
    Yes, they are the people with whom we are in a relationship where they are no expectations no demands only love and lots of love and lots and lots of love !!!!!!!! There is no full stop to that love and its bound to any conditions it’s pure as pure as flames of fire, that’s unbeatable any other relation is not that beautiful .
    It’s a happiness which they feel as soon as they come to know your presence ,they wait for you to come and from the moment they take you in their arms you mean the world to them till they leave breath for the last time 
    So, acknowledge their love . Do small things for them make them happy they don”t require a lot of little love will do enough for them…. Think about be a change show them you love them .