The Countdown Begins : Pujo is Coming


    Today morning while browsing aimlessly through FB I came across this hilarious poster. “Wake me up when September ends” v/s Birendra Kishore  Bhadra’s Mahalaya .


    Well many of my friends who would be reading through this article wonder what’s the connection at all? Let me help you. You must be familiar with Bongs and their mad obsession with Durga Puja. So the festival or the 1st day is called Mahalaya and since 1931 it has become almost tradition for a Bengali house hold to Tune into All India Radio at 4 am and listen to the recitation of the Sanskrit Slokas by Birendra Kishore Bhadra. And believe me till now AIR still plays the same recording without any addition and it sales like hot cake.

    Listen to chandipath by Birendra Kishore Bhadra

    The very depth and charisma of his voice has hypnotized the Bengalis all over the world and they have been following to the broadcast for last 85 years on this very occasion.

    Later on Mahalaya was made a visual program , telecasted on Doordarshan channel at 5 in the morning  and now a days a dozen of satellite TV channels are now doing the same . But still amongst all version of Mahalaya, the one broadcasted by All India Radio has a different all together. I remember my child hood days when I used to get up at 4 am without any tantrums just to listen to it because for me Durga Puja cannot start without listening to Mahalaya .

    Incidentally this year the Mahalaya is on 30th September and no matter how hard Green Day keeps stunning their guitar, the Bongs will Wake Up When September ends only to tune to their radio set at 4 in the morning .

    Watch the Mahisasurmardini vedio with voice of Birendra Kishore Bhadra by saregama (English Subtitle) .