Tell me Your Dreams – Is It Illusion or Reality?


    ‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’ – Anonymous.

    With every book I read, I believe this quote more and more. Recently, I read a book ‘Tell Me Your Dreams’ by Sydney Sheldon. That book has got me shocked! A story of a girl suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), having two alters (personalities) existing inside her, commits four murders without being aware. 

    The story revolves around proving her innocence in the murder cases since it wasn’t her who committed the murders, but the other two alters living inside her head! Shocking, isnt it? You would say how can someone commit not one, but four murders and still be unaware about it? And what are the chances of living a normal life if you yourself are not aware of your actions?

    Most of us would say all this is rubbish! MPD is just an excuse to get away with things we’ve done wrong. Well most probably, I would have said that too if it wasn’t for this book and my further research into the topic! MPD is not an excuse, it is not drama is the consequence of a particular event in your life which shakes you mentally & emotionally, but which cannot be spoken out aloud or infact shared with anyone cuz the damage is so deep..the alters are created to protect you from the damage protect you from yourself.

    A book filled with suspense, thriller & back to back jaw opening facts, it makes you think..deep and hard. Can one do something so horrendous and still not be aware about it? Is it possible to have anyone else live inside you..your head? It is actually possible that someone inside your head can do things using your body all this while, without you knowing?

    All these questions will be answered in this book and trust me when I say, it’s gonna be a helluva experience into another world my friends.