Xiaomi Start Building their Own Processors


When it comes to smartphones, there are very few companies that use processors designed for themselves. In this we include Apple, Samsung and Huawei, but thanks to a recent news, it seems that in 2016 , Xiaomi expects to launch its own processors Smartphone. In the same way that Xiaomi depends on other brands like Qualcomm and MediaTek to the needs that processors for their devices, if it began to be self-sufficient and the company was able to control its own hardware, this would allow them to sell their products for less money and therefore they could offer greater user experience as they would have more control over their work and that Xiaomi offers when released to the market.


The news tells us that the company already has the necessary licenses to begin to buildtheir own processors, also hired the former president of Qualcomm, Wang Xiang , who undoubtedly will help them achieve their goals because of the experience that has previously had a of the largest manufacturers of chips for smartphones in the world.

A move of this caliber is not surprising, especially considering that Xiaomi is on top of the market right now and a perfect way to continue to offer competition to other companies is to stop using the same technology that everyone shares today and starting to develop their own. This will offer therefore expect greater autonomy than is reflected in the work to show us in the future, because today the demand is growing and we are looking smartphone that meet very specific characteristics.

Having said that, we remind you that the company has to announce it officially, but at least this is a breakthrough that we have ahead of Xiaomi and what you can offer us in the not too distant future.


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