Whatsapp is updated with support for 3D Touch and rapid response


No doubt WhatsApp , the instant messaging application par excellence, not renowned for its fast and numerous upgrades . However, updates often have experienced considerable depth, and in this case would not be less.

From now on all users of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus can enjoy the possibilities offered by 3D Touch in the application WhatsApp . This has been updated to iPhone with great innovations, most notably the aforementioned support for 3D Touch and the possibility of a quick response .

WhatsApp now has support for 3D Touch

whatsapp supports 3d touch

The new version 2.12.8 of the application is already compatible with the new technology implemented in the iPhone 6S , which allows make beats with different pressures and perform different actions depending on this . Therefore it is possible to perform the famous action Peek and Pop , so that we can start a new conversation from the home screen, or if we prefer to look for a contact or a chat as we have highlighted preset. In addition, this support for action Peek and Pop can be used to preview contacts, videos, links or locations .

We can now perform quick answers WhatsApp

Another major new features of the new version of WhatsApp is the support for fast responses, and therefore can respond from the notification messages without entering the application, so you will not have to interrupt the activity that we are developing with our iPhone.

In addition, it is also possible to answer messages from Apple Watch , and therefore increase the capabilities of this new device that has been so criticized.

And download the new version in the App Store!

The update of WhatsApp is now available totally free in the App Store , is specifically version 2.12.8 which has a weight of 49.6 MB. Note that this upgrade, although it is true is especiallyrelevant to users iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to other users so is because is optimized for your specific device and will function better.


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