What has changed in the new Hangouts


Since Google has long been working on a new version of Hangouts , its application messaging .Something that looked forward to the platform Android , which was yet to come. And they were many changes and improvements promised to introduce this new version. After a few days of its official release, Hangouts 4.0 has begun to reach all users through an update in Spain. These are all things that have changed in Hangouts :


1. Design . Although Google takes time to improve the appearance of your applications and services, and although Hangouts had already received a fresh coat of paint some months, finally being completely updated to Material Design . That style created by Google for version Lollipop of Android that focuses on minimalism, buttons and reducing lines and encouraging display items. Something that is left now see asingle main screen where all user chats are collected. But without forgetting the floating button in the lower right corner, which gives way to quickly perform tasks such as starting a new topic, or speak with a common touch quickly. They have also added a drop-down menu where to find the other sections and utilities, but without visual fanfare.

2. State . Curiously the movement of Google in this aspect, which seems to follow the footsteps ofWhatsApp . Thus, this new version now includes the ability to establish a state sentence . A line in which to express any thought or availability to engage in conversation . Just open the menu and click on the state to write in 140 characters any details, which may include Emoji emoticons .

3. Facilities for sharing photos . Besides the new design, which leaves also be seen in the snacks and the screens chat , we must talk about the possibility of sharing several photos at once . And you just have to click on the camera icon to open the gallery in a portion of the screen, without leaving the chat, allowing select multiple images to share at once.

4. New contacts menu . As part of the redesign, Google has decided to remove the tabs allowed before jumping between the contacts and the talks quickly. Now you need to display the menu to access the section Contacts . Another step in the process, but it serves to efficiently sort this collection of phone numbers and users. And, thinking of transforming Hangouts in implementing and free SMS messaging ,Google presents here all the phone book with contacts who also use the application in addition to the usual agenda with which to exchange messages or calls to use .

5. Support for Android Wear . It is the last change, but not least, in this new version of Hangouts . So, Google wants users a smart watch with Android Wear can also review and answer all your conversations with default messages , voice dictation , or Emoji emoticons that can scribble on the small screen of the wrist.

In short, a series of more than remarkable changes with which Google aims to give a new boost to this application. And it is ideal to keep conversations through chat , but also through his famous video .Tools that along with the new design and faster now offer a better user experience. All this for free. Just download the latest version free on Google Play .


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