Debunked: The Myths About LED Lighting


Debunked: The Myths About LED Lighting:

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Gone are the times when people used to buy incandescent lights to illuminate their homes. It is the modern age,and more and more people are turning towards the new-age lighting solutions such as LED lights that are much better, efficient and useful than the earlier ones.It now has become one of the most effective lighting solutions which is transforming the industry since its arrival.

But as we all know; no single thing is away from the myths that root around it over a period of time. Some myths have also been associated with LED lighting since their introduction in the market. Today, we are going to bust few of such myths that create a reluctance among people about adopting LED lighting. Read ahead to debunk the myths.

  • They Are Too Expensive

Well, though they are not cheap, it does not mean that they are too expensive. Purchasing an LED light also involves factors like quality and specification which affect the price. And keeping in mind the strong durability of LED lights, the price that you pay is no less than a great investment in a great long-lasting product. You may not know, but LED lights last around 50,000 hours which is significantly higher when compared to incandescent lights which only last for around 1,000-2,000 hours. So, now you understand that LED lights come as a cheaper option in the long-run. Not only this, but LED lights are also energy efficient and do not need much electricity to provide you with bright surroundings.

  • Do Not Give Much Brightness

Another myth that has entered the mind of people is that LED lights are not bright enough, which is certainly wrong as most of the time this myth is based on our understanding that relies on the number of watts consumed by the light source. Well, to help you with this, we want to tell you that this idea does not apply when it comes to LED lights as their brightness is measured in lumens and not watts. So, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. So, the next time you buy an LED light, check its lumensto decide the amount of brightness you require.

  • LED Lights Contain Mercury

The statement is wrong as LED lights do not contain mercury. However, depending on the manufacturers, some LED circuits may contain lead. Further more, LEDs are completely safe and environment-friendly that makes them one of the most sought after lighting solution in all public and private spaces.

  • Poor Dimming Capabilities

Though earlier there were some issues with their dimming function, the new-age LED lights have gracefully overcome this obstacle. Today, every major lighting manufacturer like Wipro Lighting has come up with lighting controls that can dim, turn on and turn off LEDs. They can also be paired with infrared sensors that can further control illumination.There are also many technologically advanced dimmers available in the market that can ensure thebest possible performance.

  • Do Not Work Well in High-Temperature Environments

Purchase a well-designed LED light, and you will understand that this statement is false as well. In fact, this is one of the benefits of LED lights that they can work in any environment irrespective of the temperature. They perform much better than conventional lighting solutions with the condition that the LED lights must be from a renowned manufacturer with excellent quality.

These were just a few myths; the other ones will fade away once you try LED lighting yourself. Today, brands such as Wipro Lighting have come up with many innovative lighting technologies suiting each and every need of the new-age Indian market. Be it LED lights for the commercial or industrial use; you will find innumerable options available as per the requirement.Understand that now is the time to adopt this new technology, so embrace it and unveil a new lighting experience from today onwards!



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