The latest update of Snapchat causes Significant Killing Battery


Snapchat has become one of the most popular messaging apps, and it is precisely because of its peculiar way of understanding this type of service, as their secret is still operating like any other messaging app, all messages send chat are automatically deleted from both ours and the receiver. Well, a new update of the app has the dubious distinction of unburden the battery in a heartbeat if we are not very careful.


And it is that some of the users of the app have reported that installing and updating their mobile download battery much faster than before installing this update. If we are constantly looking for ways to consume less battery power and that our phone stay longer on, users snapchat not going to make any grace that use your favorite application can impact both the energy consumption of our phone, whatever .

The fact is that it has been reported that LG had reduced G4 battery charge to 28% in only three hours . But worst of all is that the check which applications had been made more energy, snapchat appeared the first being responsible for no less than 50% of total energy consumption in the LG G4. Worst of all, these problems snapchat with battery consumption are not new, and it is even less understandable that the application has not improved over time, but quite the opposite.

The list of users complaining about this problem in social networks is endless, most of them stressing that no good to take precautions to spend less on your phone battery if snapchat is installed . Of course the fact that in three hours to discharge more than 70% of the battery of LG G4 and this percentage over 35% belong to only snapchat is something the developers should really worry. In any case, the need to send ghost messages to friends and family sure is above such problems, we hope to solve soon.

Have you experienced any of these battery problems with the latest version of snapchat?



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