SYPWAI Artificial Intelligence and Its Development Stage


SYPWAI platform successfully passed the beta testing

SYPWAI Artificial Intelligence(AI) provides training of computers on their own experience and their adaptation to the required parameters, as well as the implementation of tasks that were previously the prerogative of humans. Today, many companies specialize in the development of projects with foreign investment, and SYPWAI from companies Theneurosphere is among them.

Artificial intelligence

Features of AI and a scale for evaluating products

As mentioned earlier, SYPWAI Artificial Intelligence is used to train computers to perform tasks in place of humans. Deep learning is primarily a priority, and natural language processing is also important. This is important regardless of what the AI ​​is for – for computer chess players or unmanned vehicles.

All of these technologies ensure that the computer can “learn” to perform various tasks. It will also be able to process a significant amount of data and detect patterns in them.

AI and neural network projects have a long way to go before they can see the light of day. They are represented by many stages, the first of which is the development of an idea, and the last is professional implementation. To control the development quality, specialists have prepared a special scale. It allows you to assess the readiness of products:

  • Initial development (Pre-Alpha);
  • Internal work (Alpha) — start testing the program with the help of the QA;
  • Public type development (Beta) — the stage of debugging and more active testing (subject to successful alpha testing), and ensuring product compatibility during this stage is also permissible to use projects by other software developers;
  • A preliminary version of the project (Release candidate) – a candidate stage for the development of the most stable product (projects that have already successfully passed complex testing and all critical errors found have been successfully fixed);
  • Implementation of the project at a high level.


Features of the startup SYPWAI from Theneurosphere

Company Theneurosphere recently published information on the platform issue with neural networks called SYPWAI. Now, beta testing has already ended. Moreover, the tests were carried out in a public mode, which was a rather risky decision, since no one was responsible for the possible damage that could have been caused by an imperfect version of the SYPWAI platform. But since beta testing has just passed, it is safe to say that the project will still be refined to a stable version. But currently, The neurosphere, or rather the SYPWAI platform, already has thousands of loyal users.

Now the project is entering a new stage – a release candidate. This suggests that users will soon see a preview of the platform. Of course, this is not a full-fledged release, but only a candidate. But basically, it will already be a stable and fully functional program, although not in its final form, and available for all users around the world. Mostly such a release has a certain period of validity, but there is also an alternative which is to work under a license from the previous version.

It should be said that the SYPWAI platform from the developer The neurosphere is a project that is developing faster than others in the world. Experts work every day to improve the functionality of artificial intelligence. Many companies have already signed cooperation agreements with representatives of The neurosphere; other organizations learn about the existence of the platform and are seeking to sign an agreement as well. The number of startup investors is also constantly increasing, so experts predict imminent success.

SYPWAI’s artificial intelligence aims to make existing projects intelligent and improve them by embedding the AI functionality into the existing products. A striking example and analogy is Siri technology, which has been introduced into new Apple devices. “Smart” computers, automation, bots, social platforms, together with significant amounts of data, will easily improve various technologies that are in demand at home and office, including increasing the safety of their use.

The developers of the SYPWAI The neurosphere product themselves do not yet give an exact answer regarding the development of the neural network. But the beta test results are already available for everyone to see. Moreover, we can conclude that the creators surely will not be bored. It is also difficult to predict the reaction and behavior of users after the release of the SYPWAI platform to the world. The main thing that can definitely be said with confidence is that such projects as SYPWAI from The neurosphere are the future.


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