SOLVE! Battery Issues Problems with Android Lollipop


How to solve the battery problem with Android Lollipop, to all those who have received the latest update to Android Lollipop, the problems started, and the most serious, and battery. Yes, with the new update, many users have complained that the battery runs out quickly.

Someone said, you just pull the WiFi connection, to solve the problem, but once off the WiFi, you are not even more connected with the world of technology, it would be more to exploit the data plan of your mobile operator. Although the new operating system, has a few bugs, like this, it’s still a very good operating system, which goes to solve old bug.

This problem was solved by Google, with the new update to 5.1.1, however, it did not come out for all phones, for those who have not received, you can still do something to try to better manage battery use.


First, I recommend going in the battery settings, and see which application consumes so much, if it is an application, and in case of third parties, uninstall it, then see if there is indeed an improvement, if not the you can always reinstall.

The WiFi, still remains the main cause, when in search of a WiFi network, consumes as much battery, then in any case, you should turn it off when you do not need. If these measures are not enough then you can:

Remember to restart the phone occasionally. It sounds simple, but it could be the solution you are looking for.

Lower the screen brightness and adjust the screen timeout. You will find both options in the Settings menu.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. Find these options in the Settings menu.

Close applications running in the background. No need to install a Task Manager or other application to accomplish this, simply tap the square button at the bottom of the screen to open a ‘Overview’ or list of recent applications. Close them all.

Turn off the vibrations to warn you of a new call or a notification.

Take advantage of the power-saving mode. Some phones also have power-saving mode Ultra that, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5, can recover 10 percent of the battery capacity in the last 24 hours by turning off non-essential functions and screen colors.

Have a battery backup or, better yet, a Power Bank. The spare battery offers a single charge for that specific phone, while you can buy a Power Bank which costs less and make a charge to your phone.


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