Samsung working on new displays 11K for smartphones


Samsung wants to bring the future smart phones 11K resolution screens and 3D efects.  Samsung wants to revolutionize the market. A few years ago, the resolution Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixels on a Smartphone was unthinkable, and yet every self-respecting smart phones offer the same quality. Now Samsung wants to do it again, and raise the quality of the screens to the 11K and also add effects 3D in our phones.


Now, technological advances are made each year, forcing us to renew every so often our electronic devices if we keep up with the progress. That’s why Samsung , one of the largest companies providing mobile displays market, is investigating a new technology that would get the resolution 11K to the world of smartphones.

Reports ETNews suggest that Samsung Display plans to develop the first screen with resolution 11K. But the South Korean company will not be alone in this endeavor, as it will work with industry and education ministers. The government will invest no less than $ 26.5 million over a period of five years, as announced during the tenth Display Field Research Development General Business Workshop.

Samsung began developing the process to display the first 11K of the world a month ago with more than 13 South Korean and foreign companies.

Already they have a prototype 8K screen

According to these reports, Samsung Display is in charge of the process, trying to get a technology that enables density 2250ppi on a screen 11K. Because of this high resolution, these screens would show the colors in such high quality that could be looking at effects 3Dmuch easier to get.


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