Samsung is silent on the problems with Note 5


Yesterday we mentioned one of the most important problems we had encountered in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Specifically, we were talking about the S Pen slot (the pencil phablet) where, if you insertábamos otherwise normal, although we could do, end up damaging the recognition system S Pen Mobile. For simple and harmless as it may seem to do so, damage the system permanently and recognition as the stylus is a very important element of the Galaxy Note May not be able to use this advantage is considered a great loss.


So … what do you have to say about Samsung? Well, the company is aware of this problem but does not have a way to fix because they never thought they insert the pen upside could jeopardize the proper functioning of the device.

Read the manual before using the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung said

The way Samsung has had contact with consumers is well tell them to read the instructionsand keep in mind what this says (as we saw in The Verge ).

“We strongly recommend that our Galaxy note 5 followers follow the directions on the instruction manual to ensure that no such experience random scenario caused by introducing the S Pen upside recommend” the company said.

The manual is pretty clear on what it refers to the use of the S Pen, saying that one should “push to get the phone.” However, it is a little strange that Samsung did not think something like this could become an important error. As we told you yesterday, once we insert it upside down, it is much more difficult to draw the stylus, with sufficient strength to make consumers think that something is very wrong.

However, since the problem has been spoken, users of the new Galaxy Note 5 should be considered notified and of course, pay close attention when the S Pen inserted in place.


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