OnePlus One gets its first Android 6.0 ROM, although very experimental


With the release of the final and stable phase of the new version of our operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow , along with the release of pictures of the factory and the respective AOSP code that Google provides, the community is already down to work as soon as possible to publish the first ROM based Marshmallow for all types of devices. Android Marshmallow Fingerprint Scanner The clear example is CyanogenMod, thanks to the history of development that we have seen is a reality and when least expected surprise us with their presentation.

In fact, there are already some lucky terminals as theflagship killer OnePlus One , one of the first except that Nexus has received the first ROM with Android 6.0 and that today can be used with some caution .

First pilot project for OnePlus One Android 6.0

It is a source of joy for owners of this new terminal, even very competent today and of course continues to receive full support from the community. As a result, we appreciate and come the first Android 6.0 Marshmallow projects .

Obviously its early development is not suitable for everyday use because it contains many errors and low stability. However, it is the first big step and eventually polish to the smallest detail to help reach a beta phase, also known as nightly , which then can be used without any problem as is usually the case.


In this case, the developer has fully compiled ROM without being based on any other project . The moment you start CyanogenMod release early versions will be when most of the developers begin to publish their builds , because as we know a large part are based on the construction that takes the most important company in the community.

Hopefully both be credited with Google and developers, to enjoy for a version of Android really optimized for performance and battery in addition to terminate Lollipop problems regarding the management of RAM and high consumption Wi-Fi connectivity, among others.


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