OnePlus 2 Trial Shows a Muffled Processor [Rumor] AnTuTu Scores


According to rumors, the OnePlus 2 used as evidence shows a CPU drowned.  One of the characteristics confirmed to reach the new OnePlus 2 is its processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 . Given the overheating problems that many users powered by the phone CPU have had the announcement of OnePlus caused concern and distrust in equal shares;something the company tried to calm under the promise that they were working to fix the problem. However, we asked if we were now to “fix the problem” OnePlus meant drown processor speed.

The OnePlus 2 has not yet been released, so I do not know for sure if you have these problems; but thanks to a OnePlus 2 trial we proved that, apparently, it is. According to recent evidence, it seems that the speed of the processor OnePlus 2 has been cut.

The result? If true, this would be a phone that would be much more powerful than its predecessor, which would be a real shame; despite warming, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is a very powerful processor and speed caparle warming is not to suffer an unfortunate movement.

However, the received results are not definitive , as this test could have been done with a prototype of the phone and not the final version, which might change the results much. It is certainly true that cutting the capacity of the device to not work so hard is a way to prevent overheating; but is it the best? Do you guys do you think?

Previously, OnePlus revealed it was working on a way to make physical improvements to prevent overheating, in addition to software solutions, among which were using a thermal gel and graphite strategically located within the phone to deal with overheating. In any case, we expect more details revealed when the phone is officially announced on July 27 ,so we will look at everything. We keep you informed!


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