WhatsApp has been updated to version 2.12.250 and brings important new features among which are mute contacts, customize notification tones and new emojis, among other things. This update is available for download from Google Play.

Here are each of these functions:

WhatsApp includes new emojis


The Vulcan greeting from Star Trek, and the middle finger or “middle finger”: Now in its new update through Google Play, two new emojis highly anticipated by users appear. From now on any Android user you can upgrade your version of WhatsApp through Play Store to get these new emojis.

Furthermore, racial emojis are also available, allowing send emojis with different skin color. Those with multiple versions have an arrow in the lower right corner. If you press on the smiley few seconds different versions of it appear to us,  being that we choose as the default. 

You can mute individual contacts

Another novelty that comes with this update is that it is now possible to mute individual contacts before this feature was only Available to groups WhatsApp.

If you want to silence a contact, simply enter the menu ‘View contact’. Once inside, you can choose the new ‘Mute’ option, which will mute the contact for 8 hours, 1 week or one year, in addition to disable incoming notifications.

Custom notifications

Now you can also customize the notification tones for each contact.You just have to click on a contact photo and then go to round icon with an “i”. Enter  Custom notifications  to change the notification tone, to vibrate or not, or even change the color of the LED. You can also change notification calls.

Mark discussions as read

You can now make conversations unread. If you read a conversation and must answer but do not have time at that time, or simply do not want, you can let down the conversation from the main page and the options that you receive, is that of ‘Mark as unread’, which highlighted chat to return to it later.

Likewise, you can mark as read the conversation do not want to read every one of the messages you have received.

Using less data calls

Finally, it is now possible to reduce the data traffic you spend with each voice calls, very useful if you have WiFi access and need to make a call without spending too much data WhatsApp.

To do this, go to  Settings> Chats and calls> Call Settings> Reduce data usage . Enabling this option will decrease the quality of the call.

So if you want to have all these new features go to Google Play and download and version 2.12.250 of WhatsApp.