Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Release Date Revealed [Approx]


We finally have an approximate date for the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, according to recent reports.  The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are so many and so abundant that while publishing news has emerged another. We have a break! The latest information reaching us about the new device phablet from Samsung offers a departure, something we lacked so far, in a joint announcement at the Samsung announce both the Galaxy and the Galaxy Note 5 S6 Edge Plus.

Thanks to the latest report from SamMobile , we now know that this announcement will take place on August 12 and that the devices will be available for purchase. All rumors suggest that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 will at the same time in the United States , coinciding with the release of Samsung Pay in the country on August 21. This rumor is much more powerful and reliable than earlier claiming that Samsung would announce both devices later this month.


It is not the first time we hear that the Galaxy Note 5 will be released before the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 7 , allegedly arrive in September; and it is not the first time we hear the device type phablet Edge Galaxy S6. What is new is the date as specific output and new details that could point to what we are reserving  Samsung .

In terms of specifications, as mentioned previously, or the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 Plus Edge will have a card slot microSD , and its design will be completely closed. TheNote 5 will have 4 GB of RAM and a processor Exynos 7420 , among many other things. One of its innovations could be the new technology including its S-Pen , but we have to wait to find out. Every time less is missing!


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