Samsung Galaxy A8 Leaks And Pricing, Specifications, First Impressions


Samsung Galaxy A8 could be one of the most outstanding phones this 2015. It will not be as expensive as the flagships of the company, but will have very striking features. Now we know how much it could cost the new smartphone, and its price would be about $495.30.

The Official Price Announced As 450 Euros we Have converted them to Dollers

It’s not Going to Be The Cheapest Phone By Samsung

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As you can see, it will not be the cheapest mobile market, and many users say that for that price you can get moving better, and the truth is that it is true $ 495.30 is the price at which we as changing the currency of Malaysia, where has appeared the possible price of this smartphone. It remains a remarkably high price, although it will be cheaper than the flagship of Samsung, as the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Galaxy and the new and already near Galaxy Note 5.

Notable Features

Still, it will be a mobile curious and unique. And in a way it reminds the Samsung Galaxy Alpha that the company launched last year, and said to come with metal frame. This Samsung Galaxy A8 is also unique. For example, it will be a smartphone with a minimum thickness less than 6 mm. Besides this, the screen will not have almost bezels, despite being large, so it will be great for those looking for a phone with big screen, but wish that the size is the smallest possible. And all this without forgetting the metal frame, which is also present, and fingerprint reader. It is not merely a mid-range phone, as we have explained, and that is why the price will go up to 450 euros more than likely. In any case, still it has not been officially launched in Spain, so the price could be different



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