OnePlus 2 Mini could be launched before the end of year


It is not the first time we hear that OnePlus could launch two smartphones this year, and that one of them might be of a smaller size and a lower price. In fact, it would quite logical now that we know the OnePlus 2 will be more expensive than the OnePlus One. This new phone would be the OnePlus 2 Mini .


Smaller, cheaper  OnePlus 2 Mini

First, I must say that has not been talked about the possible features that would have this phone, except for what we will have in the next paragraph. However, we do know that the mobile is mainly characterized by two factors. On the one hand, it would be smaller than the Flagship. While OnePlus 2 has a screen of 5.5 inches, the OnePlus 2 Mini screen would probably of 5 inches or less. It would be rare to see in the 4.7-inch or something. It will also be a cheaper mobile. The OnePlus 2 shall cost about $440, and we may see this OnePlus 2 Mini in the $ 220 or something.

One like OnePlus

Although we do not know what the possible technical characteristics of this new smartphone, what is said is that it could be like the OnePlus One, but of a smaller size. In this way, we would be almost the same smartphone, but smaller. While last year was a flagship, today with a smaller size, it would be mid-range. It is best that mobile at a price of $ 220 would be a great smartphone in quality/price ratio. You may OnePlus grand strategy is to launch a high-end mobile and mid-range phone that is to become the best option for those looking for a phone with good features, and a balanced price.