iPhone 7 (6s & 6s plus) Release Date, Features and Rumors


The date of the iPhone 7 forward and many people wonder if it is not too hasty. The latest rumors suggest that the new Apple device , whether iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 will be released this summer; and we wonder what specifications we will offer and what new features will surprise us. So far, we’ve seen rumors that a design without frames, all screen, with a size of 4.7 inches and greater memory and a camera revolutionized.

Thanks to Stabley Times , we have found that the idea of Apple for the design of the newiPhone in July has been completely eliminate frames and although there will be such edge, the screen will take the device to complete, with a total of 4.7 inches . Besides the aesthetic changes, we have said that it will bring increased memory (perhaps that rise to356 GB we discussed a while ago) and extracted a new feature of Apple Watch: Force Touch gestures.


Moreover, as we have said on other occasions, the iPhone in July will have a camera DSLR that could revolutionize the market for cameras in smartphones. Following the purchase of an Israeli company, LinX Computational Imaging , Apple has been able to create a new high quality camera that will bring high-quality images similar to those cameras DSLR but in our Smartphone, as we learned thanks to TechRadar .

iPhone (6s) 7: specifications known

We’ve talked over the most notable rafters in the new iPhone 7. In addition to the display of4.7 inches, Apple could launch a version Plus of 5.5 inches with the same specifications, something very popular among users.

In addition, the iPhone in July could include technology 3D without using any external device, such as glasses, to feel the effects. The camera also will be higher quality and also work much better in low light conditions.

Your processor will have integrated technology Samsung, its great rival, allowing you to use14-nanometer chips smaller and more efficient, and will bring improved RAM: possibly pass on . 1GB to 2GB of RAM paragraph that does not change much It is the battery.

iPhone 7: departure

Although nothing is confirmed, the departure is now deck for the new Apple device is … this month of September. All indications are that Apple has advanced the release date, which is traditionally being after the IFA taking place earlier that month to make the new iPhone as soon as possible. And we ask ourselves, why?

Given the high demand there is still the iPhone 6 , Apple could exploit a bit more his latest device before rush this to market. His numbers are very good: the first weekend in which was on sale, the iPhone 6 sold about 10 million units. In two days. And yet, Apple hurry to get this new device.

Samsung has already announced his own departure for the Galaxy Note 5 to August so as not to face Apple , its biggest rival; but it seems that Apple is also afraid that users forget them and opt for another device, when many still are learning to use the iPhone 6 .

In any casom Vostros what do you think? What are the motives behind this decision, if it comes to giving?

iPhone 7: 6S iPhone, iPhone 7 which one?

The question remains. We focus on the name of the new iPhone will iPhone in July , but nothing is yet confirmed and Apple could decide to remove under the name iPhone 6S.

Many things are in the air, but we leave you with the trailer imagined The Zone Phones , showing us his iPhone 7 ideal.

What do you think? Would you would you do with it? Let us know your opinions and predictions about the new Apple iPhone in the comments, we can not wait to read you!


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